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Since its formation in December 2005, MAA has delved into the trading industry, especially in the construction sector.

MAA (PT. Mitra Agung Abadi) is the largest provider of high-quality cooling towers in Indonesia. Since its foundation in December 2005, MAA has delved into the construction and manufacturing industry, especially in the cooling tower sector. MAA is committed to not only provide products, but rather provide a solution to customers’ every need, starting from installation, maintenance of various types of cooling towers, spare part replacement, and inspection. MAA specializes in the distribution of products from Kuken Kogyo Co., Ltd, a prestigious and well-known Japanese company specializing in high-quality cooling towers. Focusing on major distribution all over Indonesia, MAA is dedicated to supplying only authentic products.

MAA is a company that highly values authenticity to maintain our reputation as a partner of choice in cooling towers. MAA partnership with Kuken Kogyo Co., Ltd enables both companies to provide authentic high-quality cooling towers, which are designed and built by Japanese professional experts for over 60 years. In line with the partnership’s value of providing solutions, MAA offers services directly under the supervision of Kuken Kogyo Co., Ltd ranging from Installation, Maintenance and Reparation, Spare Part Replacements, to Cooling Tower Inspection as well as Audit Reports.

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We specialize in the distribution of products from Kuken Kogyo Co., Ltd

Based in Fukuoka, KUKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of industrial machines such as cooling towers, diffusers, and dampers. With the assistance of a high technology facility and a strong vision of quality, KUKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd is guaranteed to provide a lineage of high functioning industrial equipment that is suited for modern industrial projects and high-profile facilities all over the world.

With a strong management philosophy of self-sustainability, KUKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd. believes strongly in the values of responsibility, while ensuring professional services and products to consumers. More than just a corporation, KUKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd. aspires to be an entity that can truly benefit the citizens of the world.

Our Products & Services

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower is a device to lower the temperature of a medium such as water. It is a special heat exchanger used in major buildings and industrial projects to maintain an optimum temperature by heat transfer using various means.

Inspection Report

Inspection Report is a service to thoroughly analyze the overall condition and performance of a Cooling Tower. We also provide spare parts and scheduled maintenance services. Regular service is essential in maintaining performance and ensuring a longer lifespan.


A thorough and deep cleaning service to ensure the safety and performance of your cooling towers. In-depth cleaning, which includes important parts such as fills, tubes, fans, and basins is required in order to maximize the efficiency as well as have a longer lifespan.

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We are an authorized distributor and all of our products/services are up to Kuken Kogyo Co., Ltd standards

Ease of Use

We provide full package services, ensuring not only customer satisfaction, but also ease of use

Tailored to Your Needs

We analyze and provide the best solution for every customer

Nationwide Accessibility

Our services and products are available across Indonesia

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We put a very high value on making sure that our consumers are satisfied

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